Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer,

Hi, I'm Scott Erickson, from Affiliate Internet Marketing 

You know, I've built a multitude of sales funnels, and I found out the hard way that building a website or opening a social site or two and expecting to get lots of sales, just won't happen.

It's partly because doing those things ends up being more technical and tricky than most people have the skills for.

For example, since video continues to be so hot, starting a Youtube video channel etc. is easy enough.


But what about all the videos you'd need to create, or even the first one? Scriptwriting, making a logo for your company, getting animation software, adding a sound track or not, etc. etc. etc.

So you can get trapped in this tech zone of buying, learning and using all these different softwares, making this a difficult path to get real and ordinary sales at the cash register.

And also in this "tech zone" you're constantly forced to learn new stuff. And you have learn SO MUCH tech stuff across SO many subjects before you can move ahead.

In contrast, when we're in the marketing zone, we DON'T concentrate on building/ learning stuff etc.

Anyways, I'd like to give you some REAL value here, and do a bit of a demo so I can explain exactly what I mean about creating or IMPROVING a sales funnel:

For the absolute most basic sales funnel, 3 pages are needed. BUT we can gather email addresses, AND make a few sales if we add an extra page.

So we'll ask for 4 pages. Here's how the pages go:

Page 1: Text advert: 25 words

Page 2: Opt-In/Sign-up form (gathers email addresses)

Page 3:"Editorial" style article (with sales links)

Page 4: Download of pdf for customer

Here's the "Editorial Content Creation METHOD":

1. Find/ Write a 25 word text Advert

      and then 
*2. Find/ Write a "Opt-In/Sign-up form (to gather email address) 100 words is plenty

** No worries, I'll show you where to get this info, this is easy, but crucial

Anyways, conversions can really suck if you send customers directly from your advert to the main sales page, and try to get them to buy before you've warmed them up.

How to warm them up? Give them some value, a couple hundred word article that explains ONE part of what they're trying to do. Show them ONE thing that solves ONE of their problems.

If you can do this, they will have some respect and trust about what you say. And since they trust you a little, your chances of making some sales skyrockets.

The "Opt-In/ Sign-up" form page:

Note the Headline, and form on right side to gather emails.

This page also has a video, but it's not needed when just starting out.

The "Opt-In/ Sign-up" form page is

where you give away a valuable freebie

in exchange for your customers best email address.

So we've got one page doing 3 things at once:

1.  Opt-In form: Builds an email list for you. Gives you a chance to send him a few emails, to give more value, AND ask for the sale again

2.  Helps to gives the customer more info, to explain why your product be able to solve his thorny problem

3.  Avoids that harsh transition from the advertisment to the sales page, which prevents customers from getting scared away

Thus, the Opt-in/  Sign-up page

Remember when I said you'd need 100 words for your "Opt-In/ Sign-up page?

This can be even just a brief 2 or 3 paragraphs that discusses a feature of the product that helps solve one of your prospects issues.

And it's not that hard, because there's a ready supply of what you need.

First of all, you need to have an account with Clickbank. Just sign up for a free account.

Then go to the Clickbank Marketplace. and find a product to promote. Choose a product that has a gravity over 50, initial sale earned over $50, and hopefully some RECURRING billing. This can quickly build up your passive monthly income.

Then click on the Affiliate page, (see diagram below) and look up that product's affiliates tools page, to get loads of CONTENT that you can use on your website, in your emails, and for your text ads etc. etc. This is a very valuable resource for you, for free!

BUT, some Clickbank vendors will offer ZERO affiliate resources, others will have different kinds of affiliate ad banners, email swipes, free articles, and so on.

So you have to pick and choose here, and try to get it to overlap with the other requirements, namely (gravity over 50, initial sale earned over $50, and hopefully some RECURRING billing.)

Anyways, the "warm-up" page that you build, this is where you offer them a lead magnet like a pdf, in exchange for their email address. After they sign-up, then there will be a banner ad for your expensive product. Ka-ching!  A small percentage will buy.

You don't need very many sales to make out handsomely. This is a simple yet effective sales funnel that hoovers email addresses from leads/ prospects, and then moves these PROSPECTS into your "machine" and turns some of them into Buyers!

So since you've read this far, I think you can see that this "Sales Funnel" idea is something that's interesting to learn more about, right?

YOUR "Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies"
Cheat Sheet



For me anyway, the "Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies" cheatsheet helped me to understand  the sales PROCESS, of how to simply and easily move new customers through a sales funnel.

It's because you only need to learn a little copywriting, and a little about page building, and a little about emailing, and so on.

So there's no information overload for a change!

But enough about my opinions!


Sales funnels can turn your current internet traffic
 OR online influence
into real sales

  • How sales funnels turn your existing internet traffic OR online influence into real sales 
  • I'll tear into a funnel so you can see how it works, and also explain how each page is like a simple classified ad
  • Just starting? I'll show you how to design and map out your first funnel, it's pretty simple!
  • Already have a funnel? Find out how to make it MUCH better: Optimize your funnel, put it on steroids
  • How to TRIPLE your sales with this 20 minute method


This Fast Funnel Pack is
$4.97 usd

You get the PDF, plus 3 bonuses:
 Cheat Sheet, Mind Map, and Resource Guide

Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies

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Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies
Build/ Optimize Your Funnels For Maximum Conversions!

We've covered EVERY single detail that you need to make this a ROARING success

Make some time to study this material for a week, and you'll know exactly how to build or fix your funnel...

Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies: 

Table of Contents...

  • Before you even start your funnel: How to Find a Product that sells like hotcakes
  • How Does A "Sales Funnel" Work?
  • How does A "Content Funnel" Work?
  • Step-by-Step Checklist: Building Your Funnel!
  • How to Test and Optimize Your New Funnel

Who Needs This Step-By-Step Guide?

"Classifieds Ads Method" Easy Content Creation Method

Anyways, my "Classifieds Ads Method" Easy Content Creation is a simple method that can really help you to build something into an auto-pilot profit project. I hope it serves you well.

Don't forget to actually try it, though!

Will you let another full year go by, and land on this page and think, "Hmmm, I remember I saw this website from last year. This guy must still be selling this course. I wonder if he makes any money at that?"


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I'm only offering you the densest and most fluff-free material I've produced on How to CREATE a Sales Funnel, OR turn your Broken Sales Funnel into a Sales Machine.

That's it. So you can think "Well this seems like a great idea and all, but I just don't know if it's for me  ....  :(

With all the pandemic stuff that's been happening, I hope you can see that the time is now to set up a online business. Because of the pandemic, we're facing a recession that's quite likely to get worse before it gets better, right?

Two reasons you need to start an Online Business:

1. Learning new skills can definitely provide a path for a lucrative side hustle, or a full-time income.

Proof: Well, let's see, doctors, lawyers, and plumbers all had to learn new info and skills in order to earn really good incomes.

All these jobs need at least 4 years of time investment, and a fair amount of education. Although as an apprentice tradesman, you earn while you learn, while doctoring and lawyering both have a huge up-front schooling cost, before you earn a dime.

For doctors and lawyers, and anyone who needs to get school for their job, knows how expensive courses are (in the thousands of dollars, just to start off, right?) and the crushing student debt that many new graduates assume before they even have their first job.

Anyways, You CAN learn how to earn online income, if you have the right attitude, work ethic, ebooks, courses, and mentor.

BUT it's not get-rich-quick! It will take some work and determination to become successful.

2. It's easier and cheaper than ever: The COST and TECHNICAL barriers to entry, to build an online business is cheaper and lower than ever.

Proof: Free Website hosting was UNAVAILABLE 10 years ago: For example, I can show you how to get FREE HOSTING for your new sales funnel website!

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Anyways, I can keep telling you just how great "Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies" is, but only you can decide whether to risk $4.97 to find out... So take a FULL 30 days to peruse the PDF, Cheat sheet, Mind Map, and Resource Guide.

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It's focus is to help you learn how to optimize your funnels, or build a new funnel!

Talk soon!

Scott Erickson, Affiliate Internet Marketers

FAQ's: Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies

Q&A What is Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies?

This is a digital product that you download onto your computer, for you to read at your convenience. It'll show you how to optimize your funnels for maximum conversions.

Q&A Who is this for? Do you want to...…

  • Find out how to generate solid leads/prospects
  • CREATE your own sales funnel  for auto-pilot income?
  • FIX your broken funnels, for best conversions?

Q&A How long until I see results?

You can begin seeing results quickly… within days and sometimes even within hours of getting started. Go through the course at your own pace, implement these lessons.

          Do You Guarantee Results? No.

If you download this material, read half of it, and never take any action to actually build a sales funnel system, then I'm pretty sure you'll get ZERO results.

However, I do guarantee my material. If you're not completely satisfied after purchase, just send an email to me, and I'll    snappily refund every penny of your investment.


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Everything you need to know about optimizing your funnels for maximum conversions is in this step-by-step guide.

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This is a digital product that you download onto your computer. You’ll get download links for instant access to this PDF, Cheat Sheet, Mind Map, and Resource Guide  There’s no waiting… You can get started RIGHT NOW.

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NOTE: In the case of a purchase refund, please KEEP this course as my thanks to you for looking at my course.     :)

On the other hand, if you think my content and guides are great, perhaps you'd examine some of my paid promotions.

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Why You Should Consider Using Sales Funnels to Share Your Expertise

To explain, here's a quote from author Brian Selznick:

“I like to imagine that the world is one big machine. You know, machines never have any extra parts. They have the exact number and type of parts they need. So I figure if the entire world is a big machine, I have to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.”

I think he's saying that every person is unique, every person has a unique point of view, or a unique knowledge base. And so you have a unique knowledge base, that you're not really sharing with the world.

And since some of your knowledge is bound to improve someone's life, (since they don't know it but you do), isn't it true that people you've never met are suffering because you haven't shared your crucial info with them?

I mean, if you've read this whole web-page, you'll know more than you did before before about internet marketing and copywriting. And I gave it to you for free! You could do the same. Give away nice quality training materials IN YOUR AREA OF INTEREST, in exchange for an email address.

Are people telling you that E-Mail Marketing is dead? Only if you can't figure out how to get eager clients into your email list and then give them great content, and great products to buy, right?

You know, people are exploding the internet right now subscribing to educational stuff, watching Youtube videos, buying courses, learning the course material, and putting plans into action.

So if you're looking for people who have a good disposable income, and are willing to spend it, E-Mail Marketing works very well, and is alive and kicking!

Next, compared to a local business, the internet allows you to MULTIPLY your efforts, though the power of repetition.

An example of this multiplication of effort? You're reading this page, right? Well, I only wrote it ONCE, yet it's getting read by MANY MANY people, MANY MANY times, over months and years!

Will every person who reads this page, purchase this product? Not even close. But for every hundred people who read this, I only need to make 1 or 2 sales for it to be very lucrative indeed! And I'll be able to use it for years, in order earn a responsible and moral income, to help people learn about Internet Marketing. (For free, how delightful!)

So will you let another full year go by, and land on this page and think, "Hmmm, I remember I saw this website from last year. This guy must still be selling this course. I wonder if he makes anything?" Yes, I do make something!

Anyways, I can keep telling you just how great "Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies" is, but only you can decide whether to risk $4.97 to find out... So take a FULL 30 days to peruse the PDF, Cheat sheet, Mind Map, and Resource Guide.

If you’re not 100% jazzed with what you get, or perhaps you just don't like the full color pictures that I selected for the PDF, just send me an email, and I’ll refund every penny of your purchase… No questions asked!

Refund Policy: Please KEEP this course, as my thanks to you for giving it a try

$4.97, Instant Download

I'm Scott Erickson, for Affiliate Internet Marketing, thanks for visiting, hopefully we'll see you on the inside!

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